Friday, January 13, 2012

FFOT: again, the distance learning course redesign crap

I can't get into my course site until Monday to see how they've redesigned it, and can't rework/revise my textbook until I see how badly my course is FUBARed.

I will admit that most of the distance learning teachers suck: they don't pay attention to their course material once they've set it up, don't pay attention to how their students are doing in the course work, don't pay attention to course site foul-ups, and don't answer emails from students. I don't really blame the distance learning department for taking over the courses to try to force more attention and contact from the crap teachers.

That said, collective punishment (i.e., punishing those of us who do a good job with the same treatment as those who do the crap jobs) never works. Distance learning can fuck off for trying it, and those creeps that sign up to teach but don't teach can fuck off for ruining it for those of us that tweak our course each semester to better serve the students, and answer emails within twelve hours (or less) of getting them.

I'm not sure it's worth the extra money they pay me.


  1. People who act all helpless about stuff they can easily take initiative for can FTFO.

    I've had multiple e-mails from a student begging to get into a class that's currently oversubscribed. Students have access to the "enrollment" page and can drop and add their own classes. This person has e-mailed me three times asking me to watch the enrollment page for my class that they want, and enroll them in it if a place opens up.

    Not my job, honey, not my job.

    Other things this person has said have led me to suspect that they are a Special Snowflake, so I'm extra not-desiring to take their responsibility on for them.

  2. Amen. I've had advisers emailing me and begging me to let just one more student in, when I only have 72 hours, contractually, to grade papers.

    Not likely.

  3. So it is, RB. So it is.

    Sadly enough.