Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grading done.

Finally finished the blog grading for my students.  This week, that consisted of taking each of their blogs and creating a permanent link in the course website under their name (for two classes), then going through and looking at what they'd managed to do in their first week of blogging, and making sure that everybody commented on someone else's blog.

Most didn't.  Most are a few points down on that front. 

Then I had to email each student (two classes X 23 students + a couple of replies to a couple of questions = a LOT of writing today).

Suffice it to say, grading the blogs this week took about three times as long as it will for the rest of the semester.  Most times, I'm done in about an hour and a half per class.

Yes, that's right--those of you who are new here since last August, yes, my students blog for credit.  My Comp I students write 900 words/week (3 post at 300 words/post) summarizing and responding to current events (and then commenting on each others' blog posts), and my Comp II students write 1000 words/week (one 500 word post over anything, one 500 word persuasive post supported by three links) plus commenting on each others' posts. 

Tomorrow starts everything all over again--I also help a colleague grade his online literature course, and his students post three times per week.  There's about 23 students in that course, too, and "he" has to give feedback to each one. 

I love teaching.  I love helping people figure out how to do something they've never done before, love helping them figure out that they can.  Yes, I have my special snowflakes that want everything done for them, but they don't count, and likely won't ever count in anybody's world except their own.  I do love teaching, but I hate the grading.  I teach for free--the reason they pay me is because I have to grade papers/blogs/class participation threads on the course discussion board. 


  1. I hate grading too.

    Part of it is the time involved, part of it is the never-ending aspect of it. But I also have to admit, getting a paper or an exam, grading it, looking at the student's name and going "Oh MAN, I know you can do better than this" is a real spirit-killer.

  2. The "I know you can do better than this" is a good, big part of it. So is the "I KNOW I gave clear instructions about this because this person, this person, and that person got it--why didn't you read the f%#&ing chapter?"

    The time is bad enough, but I think I'm starting to develop osteoarthritis in the index knuckle of my right hand--the hand I write with, use the mouse with, and, quite frankly, do everything with. So writing that much--and using the mouse that much--hurts, especially with Missouri weather.

    Not to mention I'd rather play with my kids. They're only this little once.

  3. On my list of WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH MY LIFE, is teaching......

    On the top of the list is WRITER-PRODUCER-DIRECTOR of motion pictures, etc.....

  4. OCM--I'd say it wasn't too late, but the only place they screen for drug use is when you're trying to get into a teacher ed program.

    Yet, they don't screen for pedophilia. Go figure.