Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long day

Between worrying about Stephen (go here for why), chasing kids around to get them ready and out the door this morning to visit my mom, then again this evening to meet a friend, her spouse, and her new baby, grading blogs, posting student blog URLs to the class website for two classes, and grading other class participation, I'm about exhausted.

And then, my knee started screaming that the weather is iffy--it is, after all, starting the spring season in Missouri.  So, I'm going to finish my bourbon, and head for bed. 

Take care, all.  If you don't have your health, you got nothin'.  Especially if you have kids/grandkids/great nephews that look up to you, love you, and depend on you.


  1. Grading blogs?! I am suddenly relieved that I am not one of your students.

    This explains the giant eye above my head. I thought it was the government. Turns out it was the Professor's Microscope. ;)

  2. Nah...I grade for content and linking, not grammar/punctuation stuff. And I don't grade what I don't have to. I teach for free--they pay me to grade my students.

    My comp I students are supposed to write three posts per week, 300 words/post (about 2/3 of a page in Word) summarizing and linking, then responding to a news story. My comp II students write one 500 word (about 1 page single spaced) persuasive opinion piece with three links and one 500 word post about whatever they want, with or without links. Both classes are supposed to comment on two classmates' blogs each week.

    I think this is the future of writing, and I want them prepared for that. I think citing sources in the future will be linking sources, not using end notes, foot notes, or internal references. I want my kids to have an edge when that time comes while they're ten years into their professional lives.

    Sorry about kind of poked me in a tender spot. Most of my colleagues in the English department where I teach see my blogging assignment as busy work at best, and make fun of me for it.

  3. Actually, I agree with you. For years I've been trying to figure out who the hell this Ibid person is. Sure seems to have written alot. Maybe the Egyptian Goddess of Footnotes?