Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Apparently, junk food doesn't cause obesity in children of middle-school age (and likely younger).  I can kind of see why the researchers sat on the findings for two years--it not only goes against conventional wisdom but nuts a leftist sacred cow pretty thoroughly.

Hmm...I wonder, if it's not junk food, what is it?  Do you think it might be recess being removed?  How about all the kids that live in cities where it's not safe to play outside after school, with or without adult supervision?  How about those video game systems and televisions and computers that many parents stock their little darlings' rooms with?

Do you think that the food nannies are going to admit they were wrong on this instance, or do you think they're going to continue to usurp parental authority by getting rid of things like chocolate milk, birthday party cupcakes, potatoes in school lunches, and sending your kids' lunch from home?  I'm betting the latter--God forbid any government agency give up any power at all.  And God forbid anyone enjoy the food they're eating.  Don't you know that enjoyment is sinful against nature?  And the food nannies are nothing if not Puritanical in their fervor that you have to eat what's good for you.  Where best to begin that than those who can't fight back: children?

It's not the food they eat--that's just fuel for their little bodies to grow on.  Granted, junk food may not be the best fuel, but that's not what making kids get fat.  That would be the complete and total lack of exercise while they're shoveling down the potato chips.



  2. And get out and MOVE!!!

    Unfortunately, most kids don't have the opportunity (or motivation, given the other distractions) to just go outside and play anymore.