Thursday, January 5, 2012

I miss my imp.

Day before yesterday, Odysseus took the imp to stay with his grandparents. He's spent two nights with them. It's been really quiet, without him here. Kinda nice, at first, but I'm glad he's coming home this afternoon. I've really missed him, temper tantrums and all. The pixie has really missed him, and has been a real momma's girl for the past couple days.

I hate letting him out of my sight and out of my care for this long, but I know it's what's best for him, and what's best for his grandparents.


  1. I know you have heard this before but they do grow up so quickly. I used to get tired of people telling me that and now I know why, it's because one day you wake up and wonder what happened to the time. I can't explain it just trust me it's so.

  2. I know...just yesterday, I brought him home from a five week stay in the NICU, weighing just under five and a half pounds, and needing an acid blocker. Today, he's forty inches tall, thirty pounds, and his diet consists of meat, potatoes, and casseroles to get veggies down him.

    The pixie is just about as bad. She's been walking for nearly three months, now, and she's just a hair under thirteen months old. Her lunch just now consisted of half a ham slice, four pretzels, and she's still toddling around eating freeze-dried yogurt bites.

  3. I feel for you. We grandparents do need our dose of those sweet children. I go nuts if I had to go a week without my Little Bit. She's as much a part of me as my arms. Duke, is correct, my son is 34 now, just yesterday, it seems, he'd sit in my lap and 'drive' my truck.

  4. That's why he gets to stay with Odysseus's parents as often as they want to keep mom doesn't have the space for him to be corralled safely or to sleep without being disturbed, though, so she doesn't get to keep him yet. Once he's old enough to sleep on a couch safely, he can stay with her. Until then, we visit when we can for her grandbaby time.

  5. Duke,

    You nailed it!

    One day they go to bed a BABY and wake up a little BOY OR GIRL!

  6.'s already happened with the imp, and is happening too fast with the pixie.