Saturday, January 7, 2012

Issues with sleeping

No, not the imp--he's great about going down for the night without too much protest (though, he has learned that he can ask to go pee-pee and get it postponed for as long as he's on the potty...longer [for candy reward] if he actually goes).

The pixie.

She has never gone to sleep easily, or slept for long. For a while, between about three months and about two weeks ago, she'd nurse down, and I could (usually) put her down at night.

Naps were (and are) another issue. Until recently, she wouldn't nap unless nursing, and would wake up immediately upon being put down, or else she wouldn't sleep longer than half an hour (if that). Recently, though, she suddenly began sleeping an hour and a half or two hours, and at fairly predictable times of the day.

Unfortunately, along with that has come bedtime battles: she won't nurse to sleep anymore. She'll nurse pretty good, then let go and start talking to me. Or trying to roll off my lap. So, I put her to bed. And she screams. And screams. And screams.

Yes, she's eating a good supper about an hour before bed. Yes, she has a bedtime ritual that we usually follow. Yes, she's teething. Yes, I'm giving her something for the teething pain. She just does. Not. Want. To. Go. To. Sleep. It takes an hour of letting her scream before she's willing to let either her father or me snuggle her down.

If anyone has any suggestions (beyond earplugs, which I already use; or a nice, stiff drink, which I indulge in after she's asleep), I could use all the help I can get.


    for my nephew and his wife!

    Thomas Morse D'Attilo, born 010712 (9lbs.-2oz.-21.25inches)!

  2. Yay!!! Babies are wonderful, even when they're not sleeping.

    I feel for your niece-in-law--that was a big baby. He's going to have a big appetite...if she's planning to breastfeed, that will take the baby weight off really quick. I'm fifteen pounds lighter now (thirteen months and thirty five pounds after giving birth) than when I got pregnant with the pixie, mostly because she's still mostly nursing, with solid food filling the gaps I can't keep up with.