Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some people need to be discriminated against.

Namely, progressive idiots that think nobody should be discriminated against by law.

I will agree with them, to a point, that laws discriminating against people because of the color of their skin,* their sex, their religion, or their beliefs** is wrong. I disagree with this.

The whole bunch whining "But...but...you can't sentence one person doing this more harshly than another person doing the same thing" needs to have this put to them another way: Will a corn snake kill you if it bites you? How about a coral snake?

A normal, healthy person who bites someone is guilty of simple assault. They're basically a corn snake. A person who has HIV/AIDS who bites someone is guilty of attempted murder. They're a coral snake--they look like a corn snake, but are a lot more dangerous. The difference between the coral snake and the person with HIV/AIDS is intent: the coral snake bites to defend itself, or feed itself, all without malice or intent to cause grievous harm; the people under discussion are intentionally trying to pass their disease on with malice aforethought. They are trying to kill the person they spit on/bite.

Personally, I wouldn't let either close enough to bite me, because I can't tell the difference from just looking. Snakes or people.

*Some colors indicate a greater likelihood of committing some crimes, especially in inner cities, and it's not discriminatory when it's basic statistics.

**Some beliefs, like those held by NAMBLA, are enough to dictate that the individual holding them should be killed, slowly and painfully.


  1. Like I have said many times in the past, Aids folks should have an Aids tattoo on their forehead!

  2. I'd rather not let the government have that kind of power, OCM.

  3. OCM- Doesn't meet my "Jews in the attic" civil liberties test.

  4. If someone has the "transmittal power" of infecting me or mine with a deadly decease, I want to know who they are!

  5. I understand that, OCM, but they might well want to know who's engaging in technically federal criminal behavior, and insist that you are tattooed with something about how you grow and use marijuana.

    I don't worry too much about being infected with HIV/AIDS because I don't let people that look like they're going to attack someone/something close enough to bite or spit on me.