Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update II

Visited Mom again yesterday. She was out of the NeuroTrauma ICU (where they put stroke, aneurism, and head trauma victims), and in a regular room. That meant she got to see the pixie (which cheered her up immensely). She was less dazed, and more at herself. She followed conversation and was able to play with the pixie. And able to complain about her yellow fall risk bracelet, and how she wasn't allowed to get out of her bed for anything without help.

Yesterday, the nurse that worked with her team of doctors visited while I was there to tell her what they had been discussing. Apparently, they're working to get her meds adjusted properly. They want her on them and stable for a couple of weeks before they do the repairs--I assume to shrink the problem as much as it will.

Apparently, the aneurism has been there, without rupturing, for a few years. They don't think it will rupture anytime soon, as long as they get her blood pressure down and stable. So far, so good.

In any case, the nurse said that if the meds doc was satisfied with the way she responded yesterday, they'd let her go today. I'll be calling her later to see if that's the case. If so, then we'll take the imp to stay with Odysseus's parents tonight, and take Mom home. Otherwise, it's nasty cold, and we had snow last night, and I'd rather not take the kids out in it.

Your prayers have been helping. Please keep 'em up. Thanks.

Update: She's home, now. Stubborn as a pig, insisting that she doesn't need to pay attention to doctors' orders (i.e., don't pick up 10 lbs +, don't bend over, and use a walking support [walker or quad cane] because she's a fall risk, and shouldn't fall with a freakin' aneurism), but she's home.


  1. That's great news!!!!


  2. An absolute: People who take their prescribed meds live longer than those who don't!

  3. ...and those with a weak spot in the tire wall and avoid hitting bumps are less likely to have a blow-out. Try telling her that.

    (Actually, I have instructions to remind her that Odysseus lost his brother at 42 to an aneurism, and hope that guilts her into doing what the doctors told her, at least until they've cleared her for normal activity.)

    I don't blame her, though, for being afraid to take the painkiller--she's got a high risk of addiction, and always has had that I can remember.