Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Considering e-publishing...

I've got about three short stories I'm going through, trying to decide which I'm going to submit to an online subsidiary of a print publisher that we like. This is going to kind of be a "do it and forget about it for a while" thing--they take six or more months to wade through the submissions they get.

I'm also considering offering the short story anthology I have finished through Amazon's Kindle publishing. The stories in that one are non-genre, and mostly about abuse situations, and the survivors of such (wrote most of these when I was dealing with the aftermath of what I went through). It'll probably be a while before that one is on offer, though--I'm working on a different anthology of admittedly genre work (the ancient Greek gods retired, and are living in the USA, instead of disappearing--and they're not the only ones), and I want to finish the stories I have in my head for that one before I do any editing/additions to the survivors anthology.

(Unless I hear back from you guys that you want to read the anthology I already have mostly finished, that is...)

Other ideas I have in the works are:

  • a novel about a young woman that's been through hell in the child welfare system and gets plunged sideways into a different type of hell (this one is modern fantasy--the character is half elf, and the elves aren't the Disney kind)
  • a speculative novel set in modern times but rooted in the Camelot era (King Arthur, not JFK--also modern fantasy, considering that one of the main characters is a shape-shifting dragon and another character is Merlin), and
  • a third, kind of experimental novel about a different kind of CPA. The link goes to the first post in the character's blog (haven't done any work on that one in a while. The world is more complicated than I first suspected).

So, yeah--I've got a few years' worth of work lined up, considering that I have a full-time, unpaid job as a mom, a part-time paid job as a composition teacher, and a part-time, paid job as a teacher's assistant.

Let me know if any of it sounds interesting to you guys.

Update: first story flung into the aether. Wish me luck. I should hear back from the publisher in six or eight months.


  1. Publish it all. Heck, I'll read them.

  2. I'm gonna try...thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Have you checked out self publishing?

  4. Rob, you're talking about "VANITY PRESS" sister published her first book of poetry, and paid all of the costs.

    Once upon a time I came very close to Alfred Hitchcock buying a shorty story of mine.

    I made a few changes per their suggestions and re sent it, they returned it again with more changes---I gave up!

    "a novel about a young woman that's been through hell in the child welfare system" --sounds good!

  5. Rob: thought about it...then rejected the idea out of hand--vanity publishing almost never does the writer any good. However, the Amazon self-publishing does Kindle and Print-on-demand--which is what I was planning to do.

    OCM: I've just sent my first story off to an online sci-fi magazine. I should hear back in about 6-8 months. I don't plan to give up.

    I've written a version of that novel before, but a long time ago, and I couldn't write as well then as I do now. So, I'm rewriting it. It really shouldn't take very long.