Friday, January 20, 2012

FFOT: Lost week...

Losing track of time can definitely fuck off.  I thought I had another week before classes started (and I didn't--they started last Monday, not next Monday)--last week's back and forth between my town and the small city where my mother was in the hospital is, I think, to blame for that.

Another thing irritating me is the weather: it's bouncing around like a bouncy ball thrown at a cement floor by a three year old.  We've been having small cold fronts come through nearly every day, then it warms back up the next day.  It's playing hell with my knee (which I haven't had much trouble with since my son was born), and my hands (which I think I may be developing issues with).

Last, but not least, not having trusted babysitting truly sucks.  My .22 upper for my STI (a Kimber) came on Tuesday, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get to the range. :(


  1. YES. This stupid 40-one-day, 70-the-next weather can FTFO with extreme prejudice.

    I've had several students out with migraines (and I wound up heading one off with meds, yesterday) because of the stupid pressure changes.

    It's a wonder we're not all sick. It's supposed to be nearly 80 in Dallas today and that is JUST WRONG for January.

    La Nina, which is apparently causing both this and the heavy snows in the Pacific Northwest, can FTFO.

  2. AMEN! While I don't mind warm weather or cold weather, I prefer the weather settled.

  3. It's called CLIMATE CHANGE and if you look at the weather in different parts of the world, you will find bizarre weather everywhere!

    Watch ALL THE WORLD'S WEATHER with concern.......