Saturday, February 20, 2021

Post. Turtle.

 I know y'all know the old joke about turtles on fence posts.  

I have become utterly convinced that the vast majority of politicians are post turtles.  As in: utterly clueless and useless.  

Case. In. Point.  

This senator wants an investigation into why natural gas prices went up.  

During a cold snap.

When natural gas is being used to heat homes.  

And when electricity used to mine and pump natural gas is shut off, which...creates more shortages...which creates more electrical outages because the power plants that use natural gas...aren't getting it.  So, not only are people using more of it, but there's actually less to be had.  At the same time.  



Fucking duh


  1. Sigh... Of course... Because spot market prices DID jump by 1000%...

    1. Anybody with the sense God gave a domesticated turkey (they are dumb enough to drown in rainstorms, btw) would have had a vague idea that the price might well do exactly what it did.


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