Thursday, November 12, 2020

Done, and working.

The cable/internet company is still using the same type of modem.  Mine was just 12 years old, and the electric company changing out the meter fried it a bit.  

Everything is going to have to be changed, though--the password will have to be put into everything.  Off the top of my head, there's at least half a dozen things, if not a few more, that will need the new password.  But we won't have time for that until much later.

One of the other projects we'd been working on was getting more insulation into the attic.  When the couple who owned this place before us died, their daughter (estranged, at least a bit) didn't get everything out.  She left her mother's cast iron,* and a ton of stuff in the attic.  

That...needs to come out.  All of it.  Before tomorrow.  

We've gotten a lot out, already.  Including a couple of very old boxes of very old National Geographic magazines, and very old Readers' Digest magazines (all of which will be read and enjoyed by my family).  A pretty good stack of records (vinyl, not paper, some from the '30s), and a screen, slides, and a slide projector.  And a framed photo of the earth from lunar orbit, taken in 1969 (with a broken frame, but intact glass), and a letter regarding the readings from Genesis that were done in that particular mission.  We...are going to find a new frame for that.  It's history.  And priceless. 

There's also a lot of...well, trash.  

And we have a fairly small dumpster, and I saw that the city dump is still closed to the public.  

There's a lot of trash.  A lot.  

*One of the pieces was a corn stick pan, the other?  A perfectly seasoned, 9" skillet.  Probably at least as old as Odysseus's grandma's 10" skillet we use all the time.  And yes, we've been using that skillet. I'm sure the lady who lived here and died here would prefer that it be used. 


  1. I'll gladly take that old cast iron off you... ;-)

  2. ROTFLAMO!!! It was worth a try... :-)

    1. I have a 6" skillet my mom said belonged to her paternal grandmother, an 8" skillet from the same source, the 9" skillet that was LEFT IN THE WALL OVEN when we moved in here that seems to be a similar age, Odysseus's grandmother's 10" skillet...none of which I'd be willing to part with. I have since gotten for myself two biscuit pans (they work incredibly well for muffins, cornbread, or French-toast-style egg muffins), a 14" skillet, a 9" griddle and a 14" griddle, and a 5 qt enameled Dutch oven. I actually do a vast majority of my cooking in cast iron of some type--it just works better.


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