Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Words mean things...

...until they don't. 
An example: take the word silly.  What does that mean?  Stupid?  Goofy?  Childish?  Sure.  That's what it 
Originally, the word meant blessed.  The word evolved to mean joyful, then happy, and has...yeah.  Devolved is a good way to put it. 
Take the word racism.  Or, better yet, racist.  Used to, it meant someone who actively said or did awful things to people of other races--Native American, Chinese, African, you name it--because they thought those of other races weren't really human.  Barely a step up from an animal. 
The word is applied to anyone born of visibly Caucasian background.  No, you don't have to do or say anything--in fact, silence is now deemed being racist.  Not noticing the color of people's skin is racist.  Treating everyone exactly the same is racist.
It's ironic, really.  Many of the proponents of this view are, at best, agnostic, and more often rabidly, evangelically atheist.  Yet the language they couch "racism" in is very familiar to Christians. 
It's Original Sin, just repackaged by leftists to make it useful for them to hit the rest of us with.  But, unlike with Christianity, there's no salvation, at all, ever. 
I am beginning to respond to the screams of "racism" with a shrug, and a "so what?" 
Words mean things...until the word's definition devolves to mean nothing. 


  1. Amen. Rhetoric used to mean an art used in persuading others; like debate, it's been rendered useless (if it's even possible anymore.) So long as nothing means anything, nothing can be resolved.

    Well said.

  2. Yep, they've used it up... And I no longer bother to respond to any of their BS...

    1. When the cry-bullies and actual bullies start screaming, I roll my eyes and move on. They're not worthy of my time and energy.

  3. Trump's response to being called 'racist' was the same: "so what". And he rolls his eyes. My response is to laugh and walk away. If the racialist pursues me, too bad for them.

    1. Exactly. I'm 4'11", and any harm they'd be intent on perpetrating could very well be...really bad. I'm not risking it. And I don't carry rubber bullets or bean-bag rounds.


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