Monday, June 8, 2020

Well. THAT happened.

Fuck 2020.  Honestly.

Our AC went out last Thursday night.  In such a way that the thermostat went dead, too.  Nothing showing in the little window. 

We opened up windows, and made calls to a couple of HVAC places, and got one to agree to come out on Friday morning.  And so they did.  And they went under the house, poked around, and told us it was an electrical issue. 

Boy howdy.  We got some electricians out late Friday afternoon to check it over.  The guys that came out said that it was just about ready to start a fire.  There was a badly-done secondary breaker box down there that was in the process of melting down entirely. 

They said it was going to be a most-of-the-day job, and that they couldn't get to it before Monday. 

So, yeah.  We went without AC all weekend.  Until about 2:00 or so this afternoon. 

And only barely avoided a house fire.

It's dealt with, now, and I've paid the bill for it.  It was well worth it.  


  1. Not good but it could have been a lot worse... kind of like 2020.

    1. It almost was worse. The guy in charge of the job brought the box in to show me. He said that, when he opened it up Friday, bits were so melted they were dripping, and that he found scorched places on the beam where the box was fastened up.

  2. Thankfully y'all are okay! Glad it was repaired as timely as it was, all things considered!

    1. Me, too. And, like half of the other diy jobs in this house, it wasn't done right to start with. Which makes it an even greater relief that it's done right now.


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