Wednesday, December 18, 2019

OH, FFS!!!

No grounds.

The Democrats have no grounds to impeach President Trump.  The Republicans that hate his fucking guts know that.  They also know that he's a vindictive son of a bitch, and did not vote in favor when the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives decided to dive face-first into the manure pile for a mud-wrestling* session.

Abuse of power?  Obama did that.  Bush II did that.  Clinton did that.  Bush I did that.  I don't remember Regan, considering I was a pre-teen when he left office, so I can't say one way or the other.  If simple "abuse of power" was an impeachable offense, every president for the last 200 years (with very few exceptions) should have been impeached.

This opens up #10 cans of worms the Democrats really don't want opened, in ways they really don't want those cans opened.

I do not like President Trump.  I do, however, respect the fuck out of him, and I do respect the job he's taken on, trying to clean out the Aegean Stables.  He's making decent progress, too.

Hence, this stupidity.

Dear God, they know not what they have wrought.  

*Mark Twain comes to mind.  Also pigeons and chess. 


  1. As killery said, "figure out how to defeat him or we're all going to jail." Which is the point you made above, and why the dems will not stop now, they would rather burn the stables down then have then clean.

  2. To expand on this, sundance has a good review of this sham.

  3. And it just. Keeps. Getting. Better. The articles of impeachment are *so* fabricated that San Fran Nan doesn't want to send them to the Senate without a pinky promise that they'll be taken seriously...and maybe a (stolen) bunch of seats added to their side before she'll hand them over...perhaps after the next election.

  4. Interesting that one of their 'pet' witnesses has come out and said it's NOT a real impeachment if they don't send them over... They know the Senate is not going to impeach, so I STILL cannot fathom, other than hate, the reason they've even gone down this road.

    1. Pretty sure they're pandering to the hateful, obnoxious, loud twats that wailed when Trump was elected, and wailed when he was inaugurated.

      What they DON'T realize is that it's pissing off a lot of their moderate voters. Do you know how many Democrats have joined the Walk Away movement? Locally? About a third. The rest aren't leaving the Democrat party, they're just not going to vote for a Democrat presidential candidate because it's a clown show of morons that hate the country and hate the voters.

      The people who are going to vote for the clown show candidates are radicals or stupid.


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