Sunday, August 11, 2019

What a fun day...

If you're ever around Strafford, MO,* and you've got a little time you can spend, I strongly, strongly recommend their Wild Animal Safari.**

SO many animals:

*Just a little bit east of Springfield, MO.  

**Definite misnomer.  Them critters ain't wild.  They're greedy, demanding, and some stand in the road until you throw buy treats in the gift shop before you set out. 


  1. LOL, greedy and demanding... And trained to harass the park goers, and SELL TREATS!!! :-)

    1. The treats? Were the training. They were pellets of alfalfa and sorghum (likely--it smelled like alfalfa and raisins). It was fun, though, and we saw some gorgeous creatures closer (and more safely) than I'd ever thought I'd be able to see them.