Sunday, June 16, 2019


We've made some significant progress with the flea problem.  Very significant.  It started with the living room and master bedroom--they've been sprayed and vacuumed on alternating days.  Now, we can do the same with the kids' bedrooms, because I spent last week getting them cleared out.

It was really cute--I was working in FlyLady's zone 3 (main bathroom plus one room), and had finished up the laundry room early, since it wasn't too bad.  And then, the pixie comes fluttering up to me and says, "Mommy, can you help me FlyLady my room?" 

So I spent the rest of Wednesday and part of Thursday on her room, then the rest of Thursday and Friday on the imp's room.  I dropped the dishes, cleaning the cat litter box, and the daily laundry load until this morning.  And still wound up sick. 

I'm a lot better, today.  Not all the way, but still better.  And I've gotten caught back up on laundry, after Odysseus finished his, and on the cat box, and most of the way with dishes and putting things away that I brought in and dropped after getting groceries on Friday.   

I'm about done, but I'm definitely done for the day. 

Tomorrow, I'll finish.  I'll finish the dishes, and getting the floor(s) picked back up for vacuuming tomorrow night, and the kids have a school fun class summer camp for Monday through Thursday of next week. 

I think that, with a little bit more flea spraying and vacuuming on the carpets, we'll have that flea problem licked.  We've gone from white socks picking up a dozen or more fleas per foot to getting one or two fleas on both socks.  The dog's flea meds have her flea-free, and I think that, if we can get the house infestation licked, the cats' preventatives will actually work. 

Wish me luck with that...


  1. Meh, good luck with the cats. Think about using the flea bombs and keeping everyone and everything out of the house for four hours. Those do work!

    1. The cats' meds are working, they're just not working to kill the fleas in the carpets and throw rugs and furniture; those fleas keep jumping back on the cats. And dying, but not before laying more eggs. Which is what the spraying and vacuuming is fixing, slowly but surely.

      I can't flea-bomb--the dog may prefer being outside all the time, but the cats are indoor only, and the only way to use flea bombs would be to pack them in their carriers and take them somewhere without letting them out. And that would be bad for them, and for us. When we took them to the vet, Cricket hid and wouldn't eat, drink, or use the litterbox for almost a full 24 hrs (she didn't eliminate at all) due to stress and terror. We couldn't even find her to flea treat her. (Moving took the same amount of hiding time, mostly because she's got the brainpower and memory of a goldfish.)

      The spray plus vacuuming IS working, just slowly.


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