Tuesday, November 27, 2018

...and done.

Closing the sale of the old house, that is. 

It's done.  The papers have been signed, and money has been deposited.

It's done.  The utilities are closed out (final bills are in the mail), and the insurance policy is closed. 

It's done.  Property tax for the portion of the year we owned the house has been paid. 

Everything is done with the place.  It's off my list of worries. 


On to beta-reading and finishing my own work.  Because the stuff for this place (and doctors' visits) are still coming up, but won't start until next week.


  1. That's a relief only known by someone that's dealt with selling a house.

    1. I plan to be carried out of this one feet first. I love this house. AND I never want to do that again.

  2. I know that's a load off! Sadly I missed the house I wanted in Texas because I couldn't do anything until my previous house sold... Sigh...

    1. We saved our butts off for the downpayment so we could take time and work on the paid-off house. And then couldn't get anyone to do the work for forever, and only just got done what we wanted to get done. And then, we found out that there was more we didn't know we needed to do, and had to reduce what we were willing to take. It is, however, finished. Done. Gone. And it's a relief.