Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bit of a rant.

I've seen a lot of people screeching incoherently about children being ripped from nursing at their mothers' breasts, and separated and put in *gasp* concentration camps!!!

What these fucktards are conveniently forgetting is one simple thing these parents could have done to prevent this from being done to their families:

Don't.  Come.  Here.  Illegally

Fucking duh

American parents who commit crimes are ripped away from their children and sent to prison.  If there are no family members available to take custody of the children, they're put into situations worse than most can comprehend: the children get stuck in limbo, in state custody and control.  They may be put into a good foster home, or they may be put with abusers who might rape them or murder them. 

And nobody screams about that. 

No, they're just screeching like fucking psychologically disturbed brain damaged monkeys about the people who shouldn't be fucking coming here in the first place, getting their children removed from them. 

Well, dumbasses, I can see another possible solution: start shooting the human smugglers on sight.  Shoot any male who crosses the border on sight.  Turn any female around, and make sure she knows there are guns aimed at her until she's well and truly back in the country she tried to cross from.  They'll stop, or they'll die out.  Either is fine by me.

No, I'm not saying I think the situation is right.  I'm saying the situation is wrong, starting with the actions of the so-called parents putting their children in the danger that the fucking window-lickers are screeching about.

I think that, along with shooting the smugglers and adult males crossing (especially those with specific tattoos), we need to publicly prosecute any hiring manager of any company that hires illegal aliens (not immigrants--immigrants are legal), and every employee of any temp agency that deals with them.  Every hiring manager needs to be sentenced to a mandatory ten years per illegal alien hired, no parole possible, consecutive sentencing only.  We need to sentence the construction companies picking up day laborers from the Home Depot/Lowes/whatever parking lots the same way. 

Hell, I'm in favor of sentencing those pushing the DACA act with the same guidelines.  

We need to make it hurt for those attracting the parasites. 


  1. I heard from someone in law enforcement that the previous administration did this because of the catch and release policy. Seems that very few were actually showing up for their mandatory court appearance regarding their illegal entries. Solution: Keep the children, and you can expect that at least 50% of the time the parents will actually show up in court in order to get back with their children.

  2. Glad the law is being enforced. And yes, simple way to stop it, DON'T @##(*@ come illegally!!! Sigh...

    1. Funny thing--I recently learned that this was NOT started by the current POTUS, but by...Bill Clinton. Funny how it's gone through Clinton's last couple years, and eight years each of Bush then Obama, before anyone kicked up anything remotely resembling a fuss, isn't it.

  3. The thing that disturbes me most about the lefts latest temper tantrum is not the immigration
    issue. The majority of American's oppose illegal immigration and sanctuary cities/states
    from 60 to 80 percent in most states. Even in my home state of California, voters oppose
    illegal immigration by 59 percent and sanctuary cities/states by a whooping 72 percent. I
    have not seen the electorate in California this pissed off since our homosexual governors
    first two terms in office.

    The left is overplaying their hand just like they did in the 60s and 70s. As an economic
    conservative, I applied the dynamic model to politics. If a governor or president pushes
    a state or the federal government too far to the left, the elecrorate will rebel just
    like they did with Truman, Johnson, Carter and Ojugears! Regan (as governor) and Nixon
    won 4 of the largest electoral landslides in modern history. In all 4 of these elections,
    the electoral map of California was red as a Baboons ass! Between this November and the
    2020 presidential election, this problem will solve itself.

    The thing that scares me the most is that the Democrat party is in its death throes. They
    got creamed in three out of four midterm elections. They are so desperate that the Obama
    holdovers are blantanty leaking the identies of ICE agents, their addresses etc. Sarah Sanders,
    and the Republican AG of Florida were harassed by mobs of Obama's Brownshirts at a restaurant
    and a movie theater. Kerosine Maxine Waters is openly advocating violence against Trump
    administration officials. Kirstjen Neilson (the Secretary of Homeland Security) cannot leave
    her house without being confronted by Democrat rent-a-mobs.

    It is only a matter of time before some mentally deranged leftist starts murdering members of the
    Trump administration or their children. They have already called for Trump's assassination, the
    rape and murder of their children and grandchildren. If the Trump administration cannot plug these
    security leaks, people are going to die!

    1. And they're gonna find out that we outnumber them, and are, frankly, better at bringing the violence. We just haven't, up to this point.

      I do NOT want to see it happen. At all.