Wednesday, February 28, 2018

That's a relief.

I got in contact with my cover artist.  She'll be bringing the art for Normalcy Bias over today, and I'll get it scanned in this evening.  I've got the document loaded, and will be running it through the publication process this evening.  I'm using Amazon, again, because they've added a few features to their paperback self-publishing platform. 

It's a relief to get the editing of one piece done, so I can focus on writing the next.  I'm working on the vampire story, which I've got several plots for.  The series is going to be called The Liquid Diet Chronicles, and the first book is Bite Sized.  The main character is also in Normalcy Bias, in one of the stories. 

It's a relief to get the character who's poking me to stop for a little while because I'm writing her story.  Here's hoping I can get done before the next one starts in on me.

It's a relief to know I've got two and a half weeks to write daily--there are no more vacation days or half days until Spring Break for my kids.

It's a relief that my imp, who'd been bringing home D's and F's on tests has turned it around.  He'd been blowing off things he doesn't enjoy or deem important.  He knows the material--he was rushing to get through it so he could get to doing what he wanted. 

It's a HUGE relief to no longer be on campus, constantly worried about the choice to carry in spite of the "NO WEAPONS" policy and be damned, or not carry and be dead. 

It's a relief to not have to look at sample essays and wonder how the hell I'm supposed to start so far behind, and still get them where they needed to be in a semester. 

It's a relief that, while I had to drop off the kids in fog and rain (with morons driving cars the same color as the fog and/or pavement with NO LIGHTS), it's mostly cleared out now. 

I'm feeling relieved about so many different things.  Reminding myself of that makes me feel a little better when I think of the things I'm stressed about.


  1. Good news! And relief IS a good sign!

    1. Better sign: 3K words cut, 2.5 added after the cut. And the current project is working its way through Amazon's publishing program.


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