Thursday, May 4, 2017

My department head is a racist.

He doesn't even realize it. 

Tuesday, my second plagiarism case came to talk to me.  They showed me that while yes, they did plagiarize, they didn't plagiarize the whole paper--just the abstract of the paper.  And they did their best to analyze the paper. 

They thought that the research project was choosing a research paper and analyzing it. 

No, I don't know how they reached that conclusion. 

But it got me thinking.  Wondering if the other one had done the same thing.  Sure enough, they had. 

So, I set about emailing both plagiarists to come talk to me so that we could work together: I'd explain the assignment again, and help both of them with the planning stages, then they could redraft the entire paper for a grade. 

Students satisfied. 

However.  Come to find out, both students had gone to my department head to complain. 

My department head emailed me and told me to find an unofficial solution to the issue.  Because my students are brown, Middle-Eastern, and can't possibly be held to the same standards as the white, American students. 

Okay.  Message received. 



No more treating all students the same, and expecting the same levels of professionalism from all.  I'm supposed to expect less from non-native and minority students, set them up for future failure, and set them up so that others' expectations of affirmative action hires are perpetuated. 

Good to know.  Makes my job easier, knowing that no matter what, some students will be getting A's, so I might as well not bother grading their work. 

Academic integrity: just another victim to SJW bullying.

What the fuck is wrong with this country? 


  1. Wow. You can bitch, but not stand up for values or integrity? How does that make you any better than him? And before you start the "its my job and I was just following orders" dance. You ether have morals or you don't. If you follow orders like that you don't. Job and money be damned. Not standing up to this kind of communist bullshit is WHY America is in the toilet. Stop being part of the problem.---Ray

    1. Sure. I can quit. But. If I quit, then the kids don't stay in private school, the imp doesn't get to stay on his ADHD meds that are helping him keep focused at a school that's moving 2yrs faster than GOOD public schools, and we may go hungry to keep paying the new mortgage. But I can quit.

      I can't find another job--a MA in English doesn't qualify me for anything else--but I can quit. Sure.

  2. Hoo boy, NOT a great position to be in. Damned if you do, damned if you don't... But you need the job. I'd say your option of the redo is the 'best' you can do and live with the decision from higher.

    1. I'd already decided to allow the redo before higher got involved. And then, the crier (last post) plagiarized again--that paper they turned in on Thursday last was NOT their work, BUT I can't prove it. I suspect they sent the assignment to a service and paid for a paper to be written for them, because it was graduate student level writing.

  3. Man, that's a horrid situation. It's quite obvious that the students aren't there to learn, and your administration doesn't seem that interested, either. Can you find a few students in each class that do make the effort? Perhaps focusing on them would make it a little easier to keep on.


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