Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Busy month


We all got sick a couple weeks ago--all except the imp, who seems to have completely dodged the upper respiratory yuck.  The pixie missed three days of school, because she was running a fever on the first two days.  Third day, she was fine, so she went back on that Friday.  And that Saturday, she popped a fever again.  This was the week of Odysseus's birthday, too.

We've finally scraped together a significant downpayment fund for a mortgage.  And that's going to be slightly complicated for us, since we have no debt, and haven't had any debt for the past six or seven years.  At all.  So we've been working on that, too.  And house hunting. 

Why the urgency?  Because the neighbors are horrid.  I don't mind the sweet little old lady between us and the corner, but the new ones that moved in to the other side last May?  We're going to have to put privacy film on the bedroom window so that prospective buyers don't see their nasty yard.  And hope that we can show while their kids are off at school, so that they don't hear the language the kids routinely scream out in the back yard...which is right next to the master bedroom window. 

There's three generations living in that house, and judging by the way the teenager acts (like a cat in heat) and dresses (like she's advertising a career choice), it's gonna be four within the next two or three years.  

Their front yard isn't good, but it isn't as bad, either. 

So, we're waiting to hear about the mortgage application, so that we can make an offer on a house barely outside of city limits (though the city has annexed the property across the road...and the one we want) with six acres, a septic system, and a well.   Enough space for the children to grow up without me losing my mind. 

And that...that's been the extra piled on top of the usual mess of grading, teaching, grading, and teaching. 

Oh, and editing a book for a friend I hold very dear, even if I've never met him face-to-face in my life.  I'm about ready to print it, copy edit by hand, and snail-mail the packet. Doing that much copy editing in Word is a serious pain. 


  1. I hope the plan works out. Getting your own house with SPACE is a great thing for kids!

    1. The SPACE means I won't be driven bat-shit insane this summer with kids underfoot ALL THE DAMN TIME.

  2. We try really, really hard to not be "that" family on our block. Sometimes we're even successful. Then again, if I ever saw my daughter dressing and acting the way you describe the neighbor girl, I'd be short a daughter right quick.

    1. I doubt very seriously that y'all EVER left dirty diapers laying in the back yard with dogs that tore them open and scattered the bits everywhere. Nor yet that your kids EVER ran around after dark at my kids' current ages, screaming profanity. Nor that your kids ever chucked trash over the neighbors' fences just because. Or bullied the neighbor kids.

      I'm pretty sure your kids were raised, not just turned loose with no rules to go feral.

    2. Well, now that you put it that way, maybe we're not quite that bad.


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