Friday, October 28, 2016


I hate doctor's offices.  I really do. 

So, I got home today to a message on my answering machine, from my doctor's office, demanding that I call to get the results, and new orders on my meds.

Of course, I called.  Immediately.  Got the office answering machine.  Waited through the standard orders to call the ER if it's an emergency. 

Found out that the doc's office closes at 1:00 Friday afternoons. 

I didn't get home until a quarter after.  Because my last class runs 'til 12:50, and the last two students--the only two that had stuck around for all of freewrite--didn't leave until five minutes after that. 


At least on Monday, they don't close 'til 4:30 pm.  I should be able to get answers then.


  1. Mustn't make him late for his tee time and all that... Sigh...

    1. Her. And it's more likely hospital rounds, since she's new to the hospital system that owns the private practice (they do that so the hospital's people have to deal with the "Affordable" Care Act paperwork, instead of having to hire another half a dozen for that paperwork alone).


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