Thursday, January 7, 2016

crossing fingers, here...

Last week, I had an appointment with the doctor, where she ordered a full workup on my blood to see if she could figure out why I've been unable to keep my weight in a "healthy" range,* and why I've been so constantly fatigued, with energy draining within about an hour or so of doing anything.  Oh, and always being cold, no matter how many layers I'm wearing. 

Then there's the increasing brain fog that hasn't helped at all with the writing process.

The blood workup came back the very next day, with most things normal, but my thyroid levels very low, despite a 50mcg dose of levothyroxine every day, for the past five and a half years.  I'm assuming, since I've had it tested yearly, that that means my thyroid has dropped the ball even worse than it had, where function is concerned, because the doc hadn't been concerned.

However, she did diagnose another problem in the office, and wanted to get an ultrasound done on my thyroid before she does anything else.

I'm crossing my fingers that there's nothing really bad wrong.  I'm also crossing my fingers that my doctor increases my dosage until I feel as normal as I did before I got pregnant with the imp (where my problems actually started). 

 The end result I'm hoping for is an ability to eat more than starvation levels to get into a healthy range of weight, energy to keep up with housework and maybe do a little bit more with the kids, a longer time period than half an hour of having the capability to do things without having to stop, not being constantly freezing, less brain fog, and more mental energy to help clear out the apathy towards almost everything.**

*I don't think necessarily that the WHO's figures on what constitutes "overweight" and "obese" are really accurate.  They seem to not take into account anything other than a specific build type...which is NOT what I've inherited.  However.  I fully acknowledge that I AM overweight, and cannot lose weight without eating about the same amount of calories as your typical concentration camp victim: less than 1000 calories per day.

**I know damn well I'm not depressed.  BT;DT, I know what it feels like, am prone to chronic depression, and this ain't it. 


  1. My wife was having similar issues. Her tests revealed her thyroid was also deficient, so she started taking some medication for it, and she has more energy. She's been dieting was some time, and now that the thyroid is coming under control, she's hoping the weight will come off.

    1. She has my deepest sympathy. My midwife told me my energy would come back about six months after I had the imp. It never did, and I found out my thyroid had quit working through the blood tests they sent me for (then sent me back twice more for) when I fell pregnant with the pixie. I've never gotten back to anything approaching normal for me, and the imp is now seven years old.

    2. OUCH!

      Here's hoping your improved medication starts working!


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