Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I has it.

No, not from juggling schedules, nor from trying to keep up with grading (though that's there), nor yet from health issues (migraine, anyone?  I'll share). 

I am exhausted by humanity.  Lately, I've seen so many examples of self-absorption that I've begun to assume the worst of people, moreso than I usually do.  I am so very much looking forward to my Christmas Break, this year...

Last week, I went from my classroom to the ladies' room across the library from my classroom.  I noted a young woman of a specific type pull out what looked like a brand new iPhone, and make a call.  As I was coming back, she was still there, leaning against the outer wall of the glassed-in quiet room, complaining about her commodities basket: whoever had compiled it hadn't given her any mac 'n' cheese, no name brand anything, and had had the sheer, unmitigated gall to include a bag of flour and a bag of sugar.

How dare they.  No name brands, and expecting her to cook.

Now, contrast this with another young person of the same specific demographic.  One of my students, in fact--they asked for an extension on paper 5 (which I'm happy to grant) because they were breaking under the pressure of being a full time college student and working two jobs.  Two, not one.  This student uses an older Android phone, and a two year old Acer laptop, much like the one my husband has.  Student is working two jobs because their family has had to cut funding because of a pregnant sibling.  Student hasn't asked for help, hasn't applied for food stamps, just quietly went and got another job.

And when that student broke down in tears this morning, I could not help contrasting them with Ms. NameBrandsOnlyPlease. 

Especially since my student broke down in that study room, and nobody else paid a bit of attention. 

The two other students (not mine, thankfully) were too busy discussing one of the Kardashians.*

*I will admit that I have no idea which one or why--I tuned out as soon as I heard the name.


  1. It's the free cheese (brand name only please), vs. the working class... Nuff said...

    1. Oh, I know it. It's what's so exhausting. I'm so sick of humanity in general (and the parasite class in particular) that I could scream. And go hide on a mountain somewhere I don't have to deal with anybody but my family.

  2. When I donate to our local food bank through my church I buy the store brands .... which is what we eat. If it's good enough for my family ....

    1. I don't donate to the local food bank. I donate through the kids' private, religious school. And I buy from Sam's Club (name brands, mostly, in cardboard cartons).

      I also feed friends when they're having trouble feeding themselves. I'm happier doing that, just so that I know that there's really trouble, not "I've used money meant to take care of my kids to buy what I want, and want you to pick up the slack I've left."