Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In a perfect world...

This individual (can't call him a man, and calling him a pussy insults vaginas) would never have faced the test he failed.

Couple of kids decided to commit a home-invasion robbery.  Individual stood in their way and begged them not to go in his house, where his wife and kids were.  The kids shot him in the legs, and left him crying and bleeding on the floor while they chased down his wife and infant daughter to steal his wife's phone, then robbed the house.  The thugs escaped unharmed. 

As he was loaded up by paramedics, he was reciting Christ's prayer when he was nailed to the cross: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  

The individual's mother in law called him a hero, but admitted that the thugs were likely to do it again, and were still out there. 

I'm gonna cut in here, with a little bit of commentary. 

This individual is NOT a hero.  He's a failure.  He's a failure as a man, he's a failure as a citizen, he's a failure as a husband, and he's a failure as a father.

First.  A man does not react as he did.  A man has the means, ability, and willingness to protect himself.  He had none of the above. 

A citizen does not rely on others to protect him or her.  And does not permit those committing violent crimes against him or her to walk away to continue perpetrating those crimes.  Any thug trying that at my home--my home where my children are playing and/or sleeping--is getting perforated.  Several times.  I have the tools and mindset to shoot until the threat stops.  I am a citizen.  The individual in question is government- and church-owned livestock. 

A husband that is not a failure does not permit the thugs to chase his wife, nor does a father who is not a failure permit said thugs to have access to his children.  This individual succeeded only in incapacitating himself, not in protecting his children or his family. 

Forgiveness follows contrition, or else it isn't forgiveness.  It's nothing more than a cloak for cowardice. 

This individual is not a hero.  He simply used Christ's words to excuse his own inadequacies. 


  1. I noticed that there has been a development in a similar case. Remember the dentist in Connecticut who had two paroled criminals break into his house. They raped his wife, his teen age daughter and his 12 year old daughter. Then they tied the women to beds, and burned them alive by setting the house on fire. The dentist, who espouses a non-violent life style, did nothing. He is the only member of his family to survive. The cops caught the criminals, they were sentenced to death, but now the state supreme court has decreed that the death sentence is cruel and unusual punishment, so they will live comfortably at public expense for the rest of their lives. The dentist had no comment.

    1. I remember that case. That is not a man, either. It's livestock.

  2. 100% spot on, H. There is a verse that states that a man who will not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. Most people take that to mean food and shelter, and it does include that. However the verse in context doesn't specify. I believe it means protection as much as anything else.So what ever faith this POS had that put him in that position, is utterly worthless to me. I won't be part of a "church" that teaches crap like that. I'll become an atheist before I get sucked up into something that leads me to become a sheeple.

    1. Exactly. People forget: Christ commanded his followers to have a means of self-protection. I will not be livestock.