Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is not the same country that it used to be.

When a little girl can't have a lemonade stand to make money for a family trip to Disney World without having a business license, you know there's something wrong.


  1. One of the things about getting old is remembering 'the way it use to be'....I in turn enjoy talking with 90 year olds!


    I commented this the other day....

    I can remember presidents back to Truman.....that's a few presidents.....AND if it was one thing I remembered about them all--they loved this country AND SHOWED IT!!

    The current president does not
    display this feeling.....

  2. True, that. I'd say our Dear Leader actively hates us.

    I was born in the last year of the Carter administration. I barely remember Regan, but I can remember that he loved this country and did everything he could to protect us, including (and especially) winning the Cold War. I remember G.H.W. Bush doing his best to keep our taxes low--he only allowed congress to raise taxes as a compromise to get something else (I forget what) done. Even Clinton--both of them--loved this country. And, to give him credit where he deserves it, he did sign in welfare reform. G.W. Bush obviously loved this country--trying to protect it against enemies both without and within aged him twenty or more years in the eight years he was in office.

    I wish Hillary had won the primaries. I'd rather have had her in the White House. She may be a power-hungry, ball-busting bitch, but she, unlike B.H.O., loves this country.


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