Monday, June 22, 2009

If criminals obeyed the law...

...the rest of us wouldn't be so afraid to lose our second amendment rights.

However. The only people who believe that making guns illegal would remove all guns from criminals are either naive lefties who think that the only reasons criminals commit crime is because of social injustice, or lawmakers who want to exert more control over the average citizen's life.

Protective orders have never kept abuser away from abused. Guns, however, can prevent further abuse.

Let's say I have a stalker. A stalker who's proved dangerous. Maybe even one that has a criminal record. What can the police do? Arrest him, sure, but they've got to let him go once he posts bail. He'll probably come right back after me, just as soon as he's free. What do I do, then? I'm really not very big, nor am I very strong; however, I'm a pretty good shot. And I'm in a state that permits me to shoot to kill when someone breaks into my home, or when someone accosts me in public and I'm afraid they're going to hurt me very badly or kill me.

Another instance recently happened in Maryland: a woman shot and killed her abusive ex-husband who came after her in spite of the protective order she had against him. Thankfully, sense has prevailed, and she's not being charged with anything. I say "sense," because he was defying the law (as criminals tend to do), and had attacked her.

If she hadn't had that gun, things likely would have turned out much worse. An innocent would be dead, rather than just another creep.

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