Friday, August 10, 2012

FFOT: still stuck on mad at the stupid

The abortion activist abortion provider (blogged about here and here) who claimed to be providing a service by aborting "ugly black babies" can fuck off.  Hard.  No, harder than that.  I want him to  fuck off so hard his momma feels violated and slaps the shit out of him.

Your turn.  Have at it.  Vent your frustrations in the comments.


  1. I heard about that....that guy needs to be fucked with a broomstick so deep he gets splinters in his nose and ears, lubed with broken glass and nails. What a fucking fuck who needs to fucking be thrown into the fucking ocean after that happens and given a life preserver of lava.

    1. Broomstick's not wide enough for that son of a bitch.