Thursday, September 6, 2012

They grow so fast...

Yesterday, I caught the pixie trying to climb out of her crib after her nap.  When I went over and dropped the rail to pick her up, she got about halfway out on her own.  So, fearing that sooner that I'd like, I'd hear the thud of a little body hitting the floor, then a wail as she realized that she'd fallen, I moved the toddler bed that the imp is refusing to sleep in into the pixie's room.  And she slept in it.  Peacefully.  All night.

She's about eight months younger than the imp was when he switched from the crib to the toddler bed.  And, unlike the imp, who cried when he saw the open side of the bed (before I put up a safety fence that's intended to act as a half-rail for a twin sized bed), she absolutely bawled when I put the safety fence on the bed.  Then she ran over, started tugging on it, saying "Take it off!"  Poor little thing was absolutely heartbroken that her new big girl bed got turned into what she saw as a baby bed.

She's been a very good girl--didn't get out of bed once. 

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