Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revision is an important part of writing.

I've started revising The Last Pendragon while I let The Godshead lie fallow for a while.  As I'm reading the draft I have, I'm outlining it, and including important information (like characters' physical looks, which it seems I didn't really do much description of), hoping to be able to better find and fix plot holes that way. 

Honestly, this stage takes as much time (for me) as the initial drafting does.  I keep thinking I've written something I didn't, and having to go back and double check.  I have a frightening memory for what I read, and for what I write, and what I meant to write, but never did.  It would probably take me a couple of years to actually forget enough to not have those issues. 

I suppose it would have helped had I written an outline of where I wanted to go with the story, first, but I didn't.  Rather, I did, but the story didn't want to go that way, and didn't want to keep the pace I'd set. 

No matter.  It's giving me something to focus on besides my stupids.

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