Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Now, that's racist.

Holding someone to different expectations because of the color of their skin is racist.  The current administration is preparing to tell schools that they can't punish too many minority kids for bad behavior.  That's holding minority kids to a different standard than everybody else. 

That's telling minority kids that they're dumber, less civilized, than white kids--simply put, they're being told that they're inferior, based on the color of their skin--and that they can't be held accountable for their behavior.  That's not just racist, but nastily, obviously racist. 


  1. Geo. W. Bush: "...soft racism of LOW expectations..."
    You see it every day of the week on public transportation in my fair city. I just wonder if any kid these days has ever seen a minstrel show? [sigh.] Dancin' fo' chicken... yassa sirree, boss. Dancin' fo' dat yardbird.

    1. I'd bet most of these kids haven't even seen Li'l Rascals, with Buckwheat's character clearly illustrating what current liberals expect of minorities.