Friday, September 7, 2012

FFOT: a list

  • Speshul snowflakes that whine, "I don't know hoooowwww!  I can't dooo it!  You have to help me!" while really meaning that they want their teachers to do whatever for them (and yes, there is an easily discernible difference between students who genuinely don't understand what I'm asking, and the ones that pretend they don't).  
  • Barack Obama.  Because the one job on the national stage that should not be landed because of affirmative action is the job of President.  It's now going to be very difficult for any other black man or woman to go for that job, because they're going to be assumed to be a failure no matter how competent and brilliant they are.  Thank you for that, you fucking mouth-breathing moron.  You may be smarter than Joe Biden, but then again, so is a pile of pig shit.  
  • Parents who don't bother to raise their own children, and then gawp at me for my choices to work at home: "Oh, I couldn't possibly do that!  I'd go crazy in a week!"  Wow...way to admit in front of your kids that you can't stand do realize that it's entirely your fault that your kids are whiny, badly-behaved, spoiled-rotten little shits, right?
  • Family that makes you feel like shit because you don't live like they think you should.
  • People who get a new pet, go into raptures for a couple weeks over how wonderful the new pet is, then do an abrupt 180 after the "new" wears off.  
  • Last, but not least, people who do nothing to try to better their circumstances, either because it's "too hard," or because "people around here don't like me, so nothing I can do will change anything" or because of any external excuse they can think up (racism, sexism, ageism, etc.). 
If something's gotten on your last nerve this week, vent in the comments.  That's what this series of posts is here for.


  1. Mine?

    People who bitch about the minutia of how something is being done, but don't offer any suggestions on how to do it "better" and who don't lift a finger to help.

    I see this ALL THE TIME in the volunteer work I do and it makes me crazy. And now I'm beginning to see it at work, where some of TPTB apparently think they know we're all doing it wrong but don't know how to tell us to do it right, other than to make us do tons more paperwork and "development seminars" and crap that actually takes us away from teaching and preparing to teach.

  2. Zombies who work in Human Resources, who insist that the box must be checked, regardless of reality. THE BOX MUST BE CHECKED.

    Hell is a one-hour conference call led by Human Resources, and attended by over 100 people in four different time zones.
    Five of whom are apparently the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet, and must ask the HR Zombie to repeat and clarify every other fucking paragraph from the Powerpoint presentation that everyone is following along on.

    Is it any surprise that, after thirty minutes, some asshole puts the call on hold so they can go and get some work done? Not realizing that, subsequently, everyone on the conference call can hear the 'hold' recording that identifies the regional office of the fuckwad who put the call on hold? And this causes the whole call to be cancelled and re-fucking-scheduled? So that the excruciating mental torture can be started all over again the next week?

    Just fucking shoot me now.

    1. Oh, yeah. You definitely have a good F-off this week. And I'm going to be right there with you. I've got four seminars that I'm going to have to endure this fall to keep my job.

      I'm honestly wondering if it's worth it. It's all bullshit. And there's no way I'm going to put it into practice. I teach online, and don't really ever go in to the campus, for fuck's sake! What the fuck does diversity and collegiality have to fucking do with that? I don't see my students, don't give half a flying fuck what color someone's skin happens to be, nor who they prefer to sleep with (or how many), and I don't spend any time with my colleagues! GRRRR!!! As if my students don't waste enough of my time with inane questions designed to make me throw up my hands and do things FOR them. (Too bad for them that doesn't work.)