Thursday, April 3, 2014


We had another spree shooting happen yesterday.  Ft. Hood.  Again.

This time, however, it wasn't terrorism related.  No, this was related to most of the other non-ideologically motivated spree shootings that have happened over the last several years: SSRI drugs and other psychoactives were involved.

The docs need to stop prescribing those meds outside of a residential level of psychiatric care...or outside of a prison.  These drugs are nasty-dangerous, and massively overprescribed for normal people who are going through a rough patch.  They're dangerously addictive, as well as having a tendency to cause the patient to try to kill themselves...or go get a gun and kill a lot of other people. 

And, of course, the usual twatwaffles are opening their pie-holes and advocating control of the gun, and not the drugs that are actually what cause the issue. 

I am so far beyond disgusted with the American Psychiatric Association, the pharmaceutical companies pushing these dangerous groups of drugs, and the media that I want to spit. 

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