Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our librarian is expecting.

The one that works the circulation desk (hands me my classroom key most mornings).  She had a plate of cookies to share the joy. 

I am incredibly happy for her, and flabbergasted.  I'm pretty sure she's planning to keep working her full time job after the baby comes, and I don't understand how anybody can do it, or why they would. 

She looked kinda green, so I told her about the trick I learned with my two: sour candy eases morning sickness. She was rather enthusiastic in thanking me, so I guess I was timely with that tip.  I only wish I'd had some to hand over to her.

(I also suggested a Sam's Club membership.  200+ diapers in a package for $35 is well worth a $45/year membership.)

I do wish her joy and happiness, pray for a healthy, happy pregnancy, and hope she doesn't over-stretch herself between home, baby, and job. 


  1. I hate the way things have evolved for families today. Almost everybody has to have two incomes. The woman has to work, keep the house, take care of the family, and it's too damned much. Even if the husband tries his best to help, it's just too much. I think that's why we have so many mentally ill young people today, they didn't have a stable home life because mom and dad had to sandwich them in between working hours. If I could teleport myself back to 1955 I'd do it in a heart beat.

    1. Honestly, in this area, the issue isn't need, it's lifestyle choice.