Monday, April 28, 2014 laptop is once again functional.

I got my replacement keyboard this morning, slapped it in just after lunch, and it's working, now.  Working well, except for the left hand shift key, but that may be because I need to get used to the silicon keyboard cover my mom got me for my birthday (I tend to eat while I work, and get crumbs under the keys).

This is what I ordered Friday (and installed today):

And this is what I got for my birthday (and now must get used to):

Mine is in blue, since one child or the other would have stolen almost any other color to play with (pixie loves purple, pink, and yellow, and the imp would have snuck off with the green).  One thing I can say for it is that it does quiet the click of the keys somewhat while I'm writing (not an inconsiderable side benefit, considering the volume of writing I do, between fiction, blogging, and grading).

It's nice to not have to balance a USB keyboard over the top of the non-functional keyboard actually on the laptop.

It's also nice to not have to pay more than the part's cost (retail, yes, but...) to get my laptop repaired.  There are definitely things to be said for fixing things like this yourself.

I think the next thing I may have to do will be to eventually (like within the next year) replace the small heat-sink fan.  That, however, may have to be handed off to someone else to accomplish.


  1. Are there supposed to be pictures there?

    I am not seeing them(although I've got script blockers running.)

    1. That's probably why you're not seeing them. Show up between lunch and time to pick up the kid (after I get home from work) and I'll hand over a verse copy of Beowulf, a side-by-side Middle and Modern English Canterbury Tales, and show you the reality behind the pics you can't see.