Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have a little bit of lecture to do today--my students had two research days, and now I have to explain how to use that research.  I'll be explaining when to use quotes, when to paraphrase, and how to do both correctly.  They already know that their research takes the place of the evidence in their paragraph development.  I think.

And after that, I've got an afternoon of office hours, off doing my own thing after I have lunch.  I'm really looking forward to the quiet time. 

I've got a short scene written to add to Pendragon Resurgent...actually, it's less a new scene, and more an expansion scene.  That will be done this afternoon, and I'll see how much more I can get done. 

If I get stuck, I'll probably start working on the guide to the gods in the Modern Gods series.  I've decided I'm going to write it in novella form for independent publication, and it will be titled Bartabs.  It's going to be told from the bartender's point of view.

I will have a good, productive day...just as soon as class gets done, and after I get some more caffeine, which will be directly following class.

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