Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Papers marked.

I'll be handing them back in class tomorrow.  And then, I'll be spending the rest of the day writing.  Because tomorrow?  Is my long, quiet day, with classes all morning, and office hours all afternoon. 

Peace from demanding mini-humans hanging off my elbows and fighting over me.

Although...they've been awful cute playing together lately.  Just today, the imp tied an old baby blanket around his shoulders and ran up and down the hall yelling that he was Thor.  A few days ago, he was Captain America, and the pixie decided that if the imp was Captain America, she'd be Bucky (the animated Avengers series has Bucky as a sort-of Robin-type sidekick, rather than what he was in the movie). 

So, on the one hand, so cute it nearly sends me into sugar-shock...on the other, they're so irritating with the constant tantrums at the drop of a no that I want to break something. 

I'm going to be grateful for the break tomorrow.  And I hope that the preschool we've put her on the wait-list for gets an opening for her.  Because she's going to be a sad, sad pixie when the imp starts kindergarten.  And we're going to need help, since Odysseus is going to have a 10:00 class, and I'm going to have class from 11-1:00 (with a couple of office hours preceding) next semester, on MWF. 

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