Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I warned him...

The imp was playing outside until just a few minutes ago.  Now?  Now, he's down for a nap.

Y'see, a few minutes prior to that, he'd decided to come inside, then go back out, then come back in, and go back out.  I told him, the last time he came in, that he could either go back out and stay outside until I called him in after the pixie wakes up, or he could go down for a nap of his own.

Yeah, guess what?  He didn't stay outside.

Now, he has to take a nap.

I am nothing if not consistent in enforcing the promises of consequences I make. 


  1. Your post brought back memories.

    My mother was tough about going in and out. We learned she wanted us to go out, when she looked at us, with that look and said: "Go outside and get the stink off."

    It didn't take but a few trips inside for water during the summer, to realize we could avoid any direct confrontation by drinking from the garden hose. Eventually, she had to call us, if she wanted us to come in.

    1. He just has to decide on which he wants to do. He cannot keep going in and out, especially while the pixie is napping--he's noisy.