Monday, April 14, 2014

Achievement unlocked: dog torture

Yep.  I did it.  I brushed the dog.  Got enough undercoat stripped out that we could almost have another dog.  She's a shaggy little thing--we haven't shaved her since last spring--and has a lot of needed-to-shed undercoat that just got matted in her top coat when it came loose. 

She put up one hell of a fight.  No blood was drawn, but I'm exhausted, she's exhausted, and there's hair all over the floor (even if I did get most of it pried out of the brush and into the bucket next to me--and the bucket's about a third of the way full of Scotty dog hair). 

But I did it.  I tortured the dog.

At least, she thinks it's torture. 


  1. LOL, two more brushings and you can knit a new dog... Be glad you don't have an Akita... ONE instance of them blowing coat and you can knit TWO dogs...

    1. A Scotty dog is bad enough. I don't want an Akita for more reasons than just the hair--the Scotty intelligence and stubbornness is bad enough. She's not very trainable because she can see what we want, and doesn't see what's in it for her, and just refuses.