Friday, April 18, 2014

Self punishing...

My imp just now went to bed.  I am absolutely out of patience with him, and just want some damn quiet time. 

He wasn't too badly behaved until just a few minutes ago.  He came out and told me he was done cleaning up (he wasn't), and wanted some snuggles.  I told him to go in his room and wait for just a minute, while I said goodnight to his aunt, with whom I was speaking on the phone. 

He did not. 

Instead, he chose to do the opposite of what I said, and actually ran toward me.  He is not permitted to run in the house because he does not watch where he's going, and tends to trip over random crap that appears in the floor for him to trip over. 

So, he disobeyed once with coming over in the first place, then disobeyed a set rule by running.  And he tripped over the shoes he left on the floor in front of the couch, falls forward, and smacked the bridge of his nose (right below his eyebrows) on the edge of my end table.

I feel no sympathy for him at this point.  None. 

I guess I am just going to have to let him hurt himself to figure out the hard way why the rules are there, because the little twerp simply does not listen to my explanations, nor does he obey the rules.


  1. Well, sometimes you just have to do that, as long as you can prevent anything serious from happening.

    1. I try to keep them out of anything that could hurt them seriously, and I've just started letting the little things go.