Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just out of curiosity...

Is anyone else interested in buying a children's book?  And should I publish on Kindle as well as in paperback?


  1. On one hand, todays kids(and the moms who read to them at night) are more internet savvy and may do all the things on a tablet device. On the page turning hand, they might not be willing for Junior to touch the Kindle/Nook/Whatever when Junior asks, "Can I see?!"

    I figure it can't hurt. How many children's books are epubs?

    1. There are actually several. Especially for older children.

    2. I would buy some if the protagonist was a ferret!

      Kids like to look at pictures and Kindle does't lend itself to that. Also, school's are a good market for children's books, but they need to be paper.

    3. If I make this available for other than just Amazon, the price is going to CLIMB dramatically. Selling just through Amazon will permit me to price the paper book at $3.99, and with it being only 10,000 words, it's too short to justify a higher price.

      (The protagonist is a small, stuffed toy horse. It's written third person limited from the stuffed horse's point of view.)

    4. well, you could do a series with heroic ferrets. I'll buy some. You could have a foreword warning people not to go out and buy ferrets because the average citizen is too stupid to take care of them. Then all the ferret rescues would buy your books too! This would also ensure your admission to heaven despite whatever misdeeds you may have on your conscience.

    5. There's actually something percolating in the back of my mind along those lines--a heroic ferret that routinely saves his family from horrible dangers, and does so well that the family never knows there were any dangers to begin with.

      I need to do some research on ferrets in general first, though. And I do love ferrets, but know that my household would not be a good fit for a ferret.