Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just a few more weeks...

Our last day of classes is on May 2.  May 8 is the last day of finals for me (the 9th is the absolute last), and our temporary president has decided that all classes must give a final. am I supposed to do that?  My class is a writing class. 

You know what?  He can't check on every class.  I think I'm going to cancel what I'd set up.  He probably won't be around next year.  And he's already admitted to having screwed up one thing he unilaterally decided on.*  I think he's forgotten one big difference between my university and the community college that he had been president of: that the university is a university, and has certain standards to maintain--including a greater degree of instructor autonomy. 

So.  Four more weeks, and one more paper (and a few blog posts, if I don't need to extend the deadlines for the paper into blogging time). 

And then, I'll have the summer off. 

*Dr. I-Retired-From-a-CC decided to sell ad space on the computer screens of all the computers in the labs.  The home page was changed from blank to an ad.  It's really tacky, and doesn't fit the campus's overall image, upsetting literally everyone on campus, students, staff and faculty alike. 


  1. We have had a similar mandate brought down. My chair is not enforcing it because my chair gets that we're all adults who are smart enough to decide that "Hey, that student who did a research class with me and wrote a big giant paper really doesn't need a final exam too"

    I suspect the campus did it because someone, somewhere, who taught a basic-level class that NEEDED a final decided they didn't want the trouble of writing or grading one, and just flaked. And so we all pay for that. Like with EVERYTHING else in our society right now - the responsible people get screwed because of the poor decisions of the irresponsible.

    1. Yeah, lazy cretins do tend to ruin things for the rest of us. Sad thing is that I can point at colleagues in my department who are probably some of the ones at fault.