Sunday, April 13, 2014

Captain America: Winter Soldier

It.  Was.  AWESOME!

Although, I will say that it did poke me in all of my paranoid tender spots. 


  1. They filmed a bunch of that where I work, at Sea Launch.

    1. That must have been cooler than cool.

    2. Yeah, they were pretty cool people to work with. We mostly kept them from going into "Off Limits" places where they could get hurt, or see proprietary stuff that they weren't cleared to see. Some of the guys were drooling all over Scarlett Johansson and making fools out of themselves, but she was gracious and handled it in stride.

      She's a tiny little thing, about 5'3", and unless she had her makeup and costume on, you wouldn't recognize her.

      The SFX guys were pretty neat, and the stunt people were just crazed. Nothing scared them!

      I wound up with a bunch of empty brass from the blanks the "machine guns" they were firing, and it's some really oddball European caliber. The prop guys said it was to make the guns next to impossible to modify, and keep the ATF people placated.

      AND....we got some overtime, which was astounding considering how CHEEEP the owners of the company are.