Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going to hunker down and hide, on Monday.

Monday's going to suck in Joplin.  The IIC is going to be in town, giving a commencement address at the local high school's graduation ceremony.  It will be held on Missouri Southern State University's campus, and the campus has announced that it will completely shut down on Monday--no faculty or staff will be allowed to attend, unless they have relatives graduating.

I sort of see the why (the first graduation since the monster tornado last year), but I certainly wish he'd skip it, just like he skipped the immediate aftermath.  I hate seeing what his visits do to our town--two thirds of the main streets are closed in about a mile radius from where the idiot will be speaking and/or traveling to and from the air port. 

That tends to cut the town into quarters.  And Joplin's not all that big--maybe eight miles north to south, and about four across.

We don't live in Joplin, but we do live close enough for the IIC's visit to make things...difficult.  This is where a 24 hour kit would come in handy.


  1. Replies
    1. Idiot In Chief--Thank Rob of Rob In His Bunker for that one.

  2. Ha Ha
    Ah yes. Romney was in Indianapolis when I was there visiting friends. They took us downtown for a tour of the war memorial and 9/11 memorial, etc.. Which had to be scratched as we kept running into blocked streets and a substantial excess of police officers.
    Friend offered to park so we could walk through to see the war memorial, but I declined, as I was carrying, and didn't want an overexcited beat cop getting his panties in a wad if he noticed.

    1. Beat cop actually bumped into what Odysseus was carrying, once, and still didn't notice that he was carrying.

      Chances are good no one would have noticed unless you had to walk through a metal detector.