Friday, May 18, 2012

FFOT: Wal-Mart's electronics warranty department

I don't have much, this week.  I turned in grades yesterday.  I'm not doing summer classes.  All I'm doing for classes for this summer is revising my textbooks to add screen capture illustrations.

I suppose I could dedicate this to our Dear Leader, but he makes it so easy (narcissism leading him to revise former presidents' web entries on the White House site to link all of them back to him, "first gay president"--not that I blame him, given what he's married to--and the list goes on) that it seems like a cheap shot.

Well, Wal-Mart's electronics warranty department can definitely FTFO--with cheez.  We got a Cruz tablet from Wal-Mart, added the extra warranty, and less than a month later, it'd been dropped enough that we needed to redeem the warranty.  And we were told that the tablet wasn't covered under the warranty they sold with it.  So, yeah: Wal-Mart's warranty department. May enough people become aware that they screw you out of money that no one buys their warranties, and each and every idiot in the department's management loses their jobs.  May they have to run a gauntlet of customer service phone reps holding clue bats--customer service reps that their stupid policies have cost time and stress listening to angry, belligerent customers screaming invective for things that are the management's fault, not the reps'.  (and no, when it's a case like this, I may get angry, but never at the person I'm talking to) 

So I have a Cruz tablet that won't power up, and a worthless warranty that doesn't cover it.  And that can FTFO, too--the imp asks to play the games we put on it for him, and we have to tell him it's broken.   We bought it with the last of the Christmas gift money, and can't afford to replace it right now.

I know some of you probably have had a bad week.  Blow off steam in the comments--use profanity--it'll make you feel better.


  1. BUMMER!

    I think it is very important to expose a youngster to a
    computer device of 'his own'.

    As for Walmart, I don't like shopping there as they can often be a big pain in the ass!

    Personally, I'd contact the manufacturer and give them hell about about Walmart!

    1. I might well do that, OCM. I'm working on teaching him a little about how to use a computer.

  2. Being passed over for a promotion can fuck off. Being passed over in favor of someone less qualified can fuck off with knobs.

    Having to do the job of the person who was promoted over my head while simultaneously training her to do it can fuck off with cheese, rusty knobs, and the slime that forms in plastic bags full of vegetables that have been left in the back of the fridge for months.

    1. Did they promote her over you because she was a woman? 'Cause that's sexist crap, if so.