Friday, May 4, 2012

FFOT: Losing track of time...

Seriously, is it Friday already?  Where did the week go?  (Wait--don't answer that--I know exactly where it went...)

First, one big HOORAY!!! for my imp.  He's gone 3 weeks without #2 in his pull-up, and has had only two wet ones in the whole week.  Next: big boy underpants!  And he's going to get to choose them.

So: on to the shit list.

HOA boards can fuck right the fucking fuckety fuck off.  The ones that aren't thieves are needle-dicked regulation-touting joy-killing fuckwads that hate vets and/or children, and use their "agreement" to try to compensate for a lack of sexual prowess and/or ability.

Trends in higher education can fuck off.  I'm getting the distinct impression that I'm going to have to totally rebuild my class site every semester, while my students are starting the classwork.  I'm also getting the impression that my required class size is going to increase by 10 or 20 slots per class, bringing me up to 70-90 students per semester, without a concomitant raise in pay--or permitted grading turnaround times.

End of semester attitude in some students can fuck off.  You didn't turn this paper in on time the first time, hadn't just had a baby as an excuse (like one of your classmates), so why the fucking FUCK would you think you could just go "Oh, and here's that paper that was due before Spring Break" and have any FUCKING expectation that I would fucking be fucking willing to fucking grade it?  No, your well-earned 0 stays.

Headaches can FTFO.  With cheez.


  1. Oh, I am so ready for this this week:

    Special-snowflake entitlement-mentality students, who use their disability accommodation as a weapon to try to beat every professor they encounter into submission and who use administrators to call the professors and tell the professors "You will accept late work" or "you will make up an alternate assignment" when that is NOT part of the original IEP can FTFO.

    Doubly so when they play the victim card and go back and complain and whine when they don't get EVERYTHING they want.

    Dude, I bent over BACKWARDS to accommodate you. I did stuff I should not have had to do to allow you to "succeed" in this class. But all I hear from you is bitching about how I didn't make it even EASIER. Good luck in the job market. Good luck dealing with bosses who won't be as willing to accommodate your ass.

    And I am totally calling BS on your pet administrator's claim of "I had to call you on his behalf because he has a really hard time approaching professors" because he has APPROACHED me on many occasions to share inappropriate TMI stuff or to whine about how life isn't handing him ice cream on a silver platter and then sitting down to spoon it into his mouth for him.

    Good F-ing luck in the real world, bub. You're going to need it.

    And thank the good Lord that you're going to earn a sufficiently passing grade to be out of my hair forever.

    There. I feel better.

    1. I'd like to add a condition: scrub these stains from the gene pool by linking the "stay out of people's way" salary with sterilization.

  2. Is it possible to get a degree in Occupyology?? Like a Phd.?? Defiantly most can get a Phd in Whineology.

    1. I thought that was "cultural studies," or perhaps "Marxist studies." Maybe "adolescent studies" because those clowns sure ain't grownups.

  3. On the up side The Right to Bitch is the ONE inaliable right everyone execices - some of us just use it more wisely :)

    way back when, One of my engineering profs used to grade on a strict 90/80/70 scale, you had to show your work, both homework and test and gave no partial credit. No late anything, no makeup exams. - It was a wash out course, make it or find a different major. Wonder if that's allowed any more?

    1. Yeah, those courses are called "weeder courses" now--weeding out the grade inflated idiots that you don't want special classing their way into neurosurgery.

      My class isn't hard to pass. It's not supposed to be. I teach basic comp that should have been taught in high school. And I still have students failing on points through not doing the work.

    2. H,

      The frustration of teaching THIS CLASS has a BIG problem.

      You are very creative and know the mechanics of writing.

      However, one thing that you can not teach is the creativity, I know too many folks who can't write a coherent sentence let alone a create a blog type article.

    3. OCM--it's my job to teach them to put sentences together to convey an idea. I'm incredibly thankful I don't have to do more than that--a couple of this bunch are creative enough to write more than things they have to for an expository or persuasive writing class.

  4. Liars can FO. With someone they met on the internet, who wears a toupee, dentures, and a codpiece. And may this person not have much stamina, or any... alternative skills.

    I really, really hate liars.