Saturday, May 19, 2012

I've got the right to call BS.

Apparently, some dim bulbs see murdering babies as the only substantive right women have gained since 1950.  Why else would Cecile Richards (head of Planned Parenthood) claim that Romney's preference for not funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars means he wants to kick all women back into the kitchen in the good ol' keep 'em barefoot, pregnant, and illiterate days?

I don't believe abortion should be illegal for a doctor to perform--sometimes, it's necessary for the wellbeing of a mother, or to prevent unnecessary pain for the baby.  I don't believe it should be available as a contraceptive choice: contraceptives are meant to prevent conception, not terminate the consequences of not using birth control. 

I do not like the fact that I help pay for Planned Parenthood.  Except for the murder part, all of the services are duplicated at your local county health department.  Including the free condoms.

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