Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time to start weaning, I think.

I have no problems with breastfeeding in general, breastfeeding babies in public, nor of breastfeeding a child until they're ready to wean themselves (which almost always happens before three and a half).  I've done all of the above with both my kids.

I do have problems with those who are self-righteous about it.  I also have problems with those who don't use breastfeeding toddlers to start teaching boundaries and appropriate behavior, and appropriate timing to otherwise acceptable behavior. 

My pixie is almost a year and a half (will be next month).  She still nurses about five times per day--waking up at five or six, waking up for the day about 8:30 or nine, going down for a nap, right after supper, and going down for the night (sometimes twice).  She doesn't nurse in public anymore.  She asks, but I tell her no, and tell her why not, and tell her that she can wait until she gets home.  She gets it.  She may not be happy, but she gets it.

Infants, on the other hand, don't understand anything but that they're hungry, and Mommy isn't fixing it. 

The boy on the cover of Time isn't an infant.  He's three years old.  He should get "later."  He probably does, when his mom bothers to tell him "not now."  His mother explained her shock at the reaction that the cover generated, and got a little self-righteous about explaining why they did the cover photo as they did. 

His mother irritates the life out of me.  That oblivious, self-righteous flaunting of current social norms with an infant is fighting for the right to take care of the infant in the way the infant needs.  That same, oblivious, self-righteous flaunting of current social norms with a a public a good way to get everyone else who breastfeeds until their child self-weans labeled a wacko, and investigated by small-minded bureaucrats who'd rather measure the amount of formula a parent is pouring into their kid than let the mothers feed their kids what's actually best for them.

And we already have plenty of problems with crap like that.


  1. The problem with the TIME photo is......

  2. You're absolutely right--this is going to haunt that kid for the rest of his life.