Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swing sets should come with a full double set of hardware.

Why?  Because very little actually went in easily, a couple things had to be taken back out (which stripped the bolt heads), and there were a couple pieces missing totally. 

Something that should have taken an hour and a half, at most, took five.  Partially because of badly aimed drills on the aluminum frame, but mostly because of a couple trips to the hardware store to replace things that either weren't there, or were cheap pot metal that stripped out looking at it cross-eyed. 

At least the imp now has a slide.

Odysseus did an excellent job setting it up.  And now I'm going to go clean up his mess.


  1. ...and the label must have said MADE IN CHINA....

  2. I have such a dirty mind... All I could think was a little lube goes a long way...

    1. "If your wife tells you to grab the lubricant, and for a split second you're not sure if she means K-Y or Hoppe's...you might be a gun nut."

      We didn't have any WD-40, so we used some gun oil on a couple of parts.